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TurboChef Bullet

The TurboChef Bullet heats and toasts food at bullet-like speeds ,ensuring your customers are never left waiting!  The Bullet oven uses radiant heat, bursts of microwave and high-speed air impingement to cook food rapidly. Cook times are decreased by 80% without compromising food quality!

Cook Times Samples

8-inch toasted sub: 20 sec

Large nachos: 35 sec

Chicken satay: 40 sec

Toasted breakfast sandwich: 50 sec

14-inch pepperoni pizza: 2 min 15 sec


Key Features

  • Cooks food faster than ever
  • Throughput is equal to larger ovens without the energy cost or space requirements
  • Allows for the use of metal pans
  • Customisable menu via USB or manual entry
  • Durable, high-contrast touch display
  • Manual mode
  • Consistent chef-quality results regardless of who’s doing the cooking!
  • Tutorials for cleaning & usage included
  • Cloud-based wifi for remote menu management and data analysis
  • Up to 10 languages
  • Can store up to 256 unique recipe settings
  • Stackable design
  • Operates without a ventilation hood





544 x 760 x 584 mm (with legs)

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